Beltane Festival - Experience the Real Ireland

Are you ready for a unique, off the tourist map, real Ireland experience?  Join us this May 5 in the Irish Heartlands

Why Book This Tour?

Journey to the sacred center of the real Ireland as we celebrate the ancient fire festival of Beltane on The Hill of Uisneach,  County Westmeath. Enjoy food, music, meet lots of friendly locals, and immerse yourself as a participant in the ceremony. Journey back in time for an intimate and authentic experience to the real Ireland of an ancient past we've long forgotten, but a past that remembers us well!

The Hill of Uisneach , one of the most sacred and historic sanctuaries in Ireland is the location of the first great Beltane bonfire to be lit in Ireland.   In ancient times, all of Ireland would be dark on the eve of Beltane and when the great bonfire was lit on Uisneach Hill, it was visible to over a quarter of Ireland.  Then as the fires were seen from far away more fires would be lit on the the  surrounding hills,  and then an outer ring would be lit on the coasts. Remember to look outward after the bonfire is lit and you will still see the other fires lit along the surrounding hills.

Festival Date is 5 May 2019


These links are for event ONLY.  The tour is fully booked although we have a small number of tickets still available to the event.

Join us on this authentic and intimate journey for a truly unique Ireland experience into Ireland's ancient past!