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Irish Christmas

Ireland vacations Mullingar Ireland Christmas
Christmas is special in Ireland.  Many of our small towns and villages see the local businesses decorate the downtown area and put on a Christmas Fair.  Our guide, Larry, took a few photos of the Christmas spirit and celebrations in Mullingar this year to share with you.  Perhaps you will consider joining us for Christmas next year?

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Visiting Stone Circles in Ireland

Special Days to Visit Ireland

What is so special about visiting the many stone circles, tombs, monuments and holy wells in Ireland?  Sure, some are quite interesting to see but other than a nice view and stroll around an ancient place, is there anything more?  Well for some, just a nice visit may be all there is although for others, the experience can be quite powerful.

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Where in Ireland?

Visit Ireland Malin Beg Stone Circle

We really love the Midlands at Ancient Ireland Tourism because there is so much to see that many visitors often overlook.  But for a close second to our nearest and dearest, you can't beat Donegal for raw and unspoiled beauty.

Do you know where this picture was taken?  Well we already gave the hint so yes, it is in Donegal, but what is it and where?  The structure is a court tomb as opposed to a portal tomb because t has a surrounding "courtyard" to the tomb.

This particular site is a hidden treasure which we stop at on our Northern Adventure, and is known as the Cloghanmore Court Tomb.  Not far from the picturesque village of Glencolumbkille and between Malin Beg and Malin Mór, this site is not well marked but actually in plain site across from the Woolen Factory

Visit Ireland Church of Ireland Glencolumbkille

Court tombs were used by ancient Irish as community gathering places.  They were aligned with the identity of the local clans and brought together the living and the dead of the community.  Unlike portal tombs, they did not necessarily mark a boundary and were often immersed in the middle of community life such as in an agricultural field.

Visit Ireland Malin Beg Stone Circle
Visit Ireland Malin Beg Stone Circle
Visit Ireland Malin Beg Stone Circle
Visit Ireland Silver Strand

Besides Glencolmbkille nearby which hosts an excellent Folk Village and language school, nearby sites to visit include the Silver Strand at Malin Beg as well as Malin Mór.  There are also portal tombs to see near Malin Mór as well as at Croghbeg on the way back to Killybegs along the R263.  Not far from the village at Glencolumbkille you can find the Farranmacbride court tomb and if you are heading north, by all means stop by the abandoned village of Port, arguably one of the most picturesque places in Ireland.

Visit Ireland Port

When to Visit Ireland?

Visit Ireland Church of Ireland Glencolumbkille

One of the questions we frequently hear people ask is: “What is the best time to visit Ireland?”

The simple answer is that it is always a great time to visit Ireland! Yet, most people are looking for something more specific so we put together a bit more detail to help you out.

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Cycling in Ireland

Many of you have sent us email asking about cycling in Ireland.  Well, did you know that it is possible to cycle from Dublin to Galway?  

Ancient Ireland Tourism can arrange all the logistics for your cycling pleasure.  We arrange rental bikes and will provide a chase vehicle to transport your luggage.  And the best part?  You can go one way because we arrange to take the rental bikes back to the starting point!

We caught up with one of our guides, Larry, who offers us a few teaser clips along the Old Dublin Road through Mullingar where he (of course) ends up at one of our favorite pubs.

Popular Pub in Mullingar

Visit Ireland Canton and Casey Mullingar

Many potential guests have sent us emails asking about some of the pubs we visit so we heard you! One of our favorites for taking our tour groups to is Canton and Casey's , right smack in the middle of Mullingar town. Whether for a summer afternoon pint, or a hot whiskey on a cool winter evening, there is always something happening at Canton and Casey's.

No need to book, plenty of seats at one of Mullingar's oldest pubs. Admiring the cascading flowers whilst you chat and chew over a pint of plain is optional. Coming away refreshed with another tale to tell off the locals is obligatory we are happy to say.

Not a bad looking set up for a town centre of 20,000 people!

Why not join is for a pint and some craic soon?