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Beyond the Setting Sun

Visit Ireland Malin Beg Stone Circle

Beyond the setting sun at Irish latitudes, we find a hidden sid where Étaín waits for her alter ego Áine to re-emerge.  On a 329 degree heading from Uisneach lies Ardagh Hill in Co. Longford where symbolically, in mythic consciousness, we witness withdrawal from one plane, sunlight, to await in the plane of darkness for the re-emergence of the sunrise.

Yet, we always thought there was more beyond County Longford and indeed there is.  On the same compass heading, we come to the center of Donegal Bay and following further brings us right in between Malin Beg and Malin Mor in the very far west of County Donegal.

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Wild Atlantic Coast

Although we love the ancient east, our midlands tour eventually heads west to a day in Galway and the Aran islands where you will enjoy spectacular views.  Here is a short clip of the views from the cliffs on Inis Mór and the Flaggy Shore across Galway Bay:

Giant’s Causeway

Giant's Causeway Views

Ireland is an enchanting place and one of the interesting facts about Ireland is that the lines between fantasy and reality are often blurred, and it is at times difficult to separate the two. Of the many enchanting places on the Emerald Isle, the Giant’s Causeway is one such place where the lines of myth and reality are blurred.

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