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Ireland Small Group Tours

Stunning Atlantic Coast

Towering cliffs, medieval castles, charming towns, villages, and stunning views!  All this beckons you to Ireland's western coast, captivating you and drawing you back to return again and again.  Over six full days, this tour of Ireland covers the stunning Connemara to Dingle and the Ring of Kerry.  Experience some of the best Ireland has to offer!

From the sacred center of Ireland at Uisneach in the Royal Province of Midhe, your 8-day Ireland tour takes you north to Belfast, the stunning Antrim coast, west to Malin Head, Derry and Letterkenny before turning south to Donegal.

Your tour of Ireland concludes after your visit to Galway where we bid you farewell at Shannon airport.

Explore the magic of the mythical midlands in Ireland's Ancient East. Relax as our team takes care of all the details as you experience the hidden gems this area has to offer revealed by our knowledgeable guides. 

This Ireland tour focuses on the Irish Midlands which are often overlooked by many visitors.

The ancient lands of Ireland's east is a magical land with monuments and buildings going back beyond recorded time even older than the pyramids of Egypt.

Amaze yourself at ancient stone structures older than recorded time, built by a people from a time long before the Celts!  Marvel at the southern coast, immerse yourself in the historic midlands and the ancient land of gods and high kings.

Grand Tour of Ireland

Your 15-Day Ireland tour begins at the Hill of Uisneach where you can gaze out at a landscape little changed over thousands of years and see up to 20 of Ireland's 32 counties from the place of the ancient Bealtaine fires.

From here, your journey takes you through all of Ireland's provinces visiting highlights in each. This guided Ireland tour is wonderful opportunity to experience the "real" Ireland and at the same time visit many of the famous sites.