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About Us

Ancient Ireland Tourism is a travel company dedicated to providing individuals across the globe with a personalized experience when visiting the stunning island of Ireland.

Established in 2016 by Marty, Lar and Ted, Ancient Ireland Tourism aims not only to market and increase tourism to Ireland in order to enable the achievement of its potential, but also seeks to ensure that all visiting travelers are given the freedom necessary to fully maximize their stay and derive an unrivaled satisfaction and comfort from their tour of the fascinating island.

How We Work

Throughout the planning or organizing stages of your trip, you can simply relax and take comfort in the fact that your main goal is just to show up, enjoy yourself and create wonderful memories. We will assist you with your arrangements, manage logistics, support as well as prepare and plan for your departure. When you tour with us, we are guaranteed to leave you short of breath with our excellent individualized services as well as the island’s wide variety of beautiful landscapes, ancient stone circles, storybook castles, delicious local dishes, friendly pubs lively with music as well as extensive cultural experiences. And depending on your preference, we can take you to the unmissable sights and in between explore the roads far off the beaten path to provide you with the much-needed quintessential Irish experience. These and many more makes up the uniquely amazing itinerary that Ancient Ireland Tourism offers.

It’s Total Freedom!

With us, visitors get to prepare their very own schedule, select their places of interest, set their goals for the visit and determine everything else with our expert Irish-native guide and support.

Perhaps our strongest value is our passion for client satisfaction. We evaluate our performance based on the feedback we get from our tourists. And interestingly, we’ve been able to make all our clients see why they’d definitely love to keep visiting the remarkable small island and also proven our standards as a reliable and trustworthy Irish travel firm. We take a step up above the conventional travel and tourism service to offer total freedom accompanied by expert support, logistics management and bespoke Irish tour service to our clients and see their dreams not just come to realization, but also create wonderful experiences beyond their wildest imaginations.

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