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Meet Our Team

Larry Marty Ted

Ted is the "little green man" behind the scenes who keeps the website running, bookings in order, and makes all the arrangements for our tours.

Based out of the USA, Ted visits Ireland as often as possible and is an active member of the Irish American community in the Hartford, Connecticut area.

He loves exploring Ireland on his many visits and seeking out new, hidden treasures and sacred sites for our tours.

Marty, in the long tradition of the Irish seanchaithe of old is a spoken word artist from Mullingar in the middle of Ireland.

A prize winning performance poet, he is also a spoken word director and producer of Mindfield of The Electric Picnic, Ireland’s biggest music and arts festival. 

Marty is our director of Irish culture and tour guide as well as a regular performer delivering unique spiritual and historical experiences on The Hill of Uisneach at Midhe, the sacred and mythological fifth province and spiritual centre of Ireland.

Larry is one of our lead tour directors and managing director of the firm.

Larry is 46 and married to Sinéad. They have 3 kids, Criodán, Eóin and Isibéal.

He has completed 9 years in the military and 19 years in local govt.

Larry has always had a love of the outdoors and loves to share its sights sounds and history.

He is enthralled how each visitor takes home unique precious memories from their trip to Ireland that just couldn't of been pre-planned.

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94 The Court Petitswood Manor Mullingar, Co, Westmeath

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Ancient Ireland Tourism Limited is a Private Limited Company registered in the Republic of Ireland.  Registration Number 602954.

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