Private Ireland Tours with Local Guide

Visit Ireland with Your Private Group to Discover the Mystic Beauty of Ireland

Private Ireland Tours

You want a stress-free and luxurious Ireland vacation?. Then why not experience Ireland's hidden beauties, rugged countryside, local villages and friendly people with your very own tour or local guide?

Tell us what you want and we'll do everything we can to turn your dreams into reality!

Craft your perfect Ireland tour experience regardless of whether you prefer to see all the popular tourist spots, or just prefer steering away from the major tourist attractions with their overwhelming crowds. Accommodating a variety of activities for different members of your family or private group should be stress-free leaving all members of your group free to relax and enjoy.

Your experience worth remembering is always curated to suit your personal tastes by working with our Ireland travel advisors guiding you step by step through the process of crafting your luxurious Ireland experience, taking all the stress off your shoulders.

Free yourself to enjoy a relaxing and fun vacation without doing hours of research and bookings, or worrying how you’re going to get from place to place.  Save time, money and hassle.

What Our Clients Say

You Wont Find a Better Tour

Our recent trip was a phenomenal success. The pre-trip process was very easy. Because we had enough to fill the entire bus, Ted worked very closely with us to help design a custom tour, and it went off without a single issue. That's impressive. Once in Ireland we were guided by Larry. He's an Irishman's Irishman. He's got the knowledge, personality, sense of humor and driving skills that makes him the best driver we could have asked for. I promise if you use Ancient Ireland Tourism, you will have a great trip.


Cannot Recommend Highly Enough

If you are the type of traveler who wants more than a tour-bus, drinking-fest, dash-around kind of experience, then USE THIS COMPANY. They are fantastic. Our guide was Larry, who is not only great at his job of knowing Ireland inside and out and driving you where you need to go, but he is also a brilliant man who knows his history with a wicked sense of humor and a kind heart. He felt like a dear friend within a day of knowing him. We left a lot of our activities up to his discretion and he never failed to deliver us to the right places. (If you love history, do not miss Uisneach and the expert Justin.) Ted was our initial contact and he was extremely responsive to all questions and the details of our booking. I cannot emphasize how happy we were with our experience with this company. But, please, if you are sort of fussy, demanding people who want things to be exactly the way you planned them and will blame the tour guide for anything that isn't as you imagined, then maybe look elsewhere because I cannot stand to think of wonderful Lar having to endure that! I sort of wish I could keep them a secret for the fun and special people! Thank you so very much, Larry and Ted. We are forever grateful for our time with you and beautiful Ireland.

Lorena L

A tremendous journey all customized

My wife and I had a group tour for 8 days. We wanted to continue on our own after the group concluded and didn't have a clue where to begin. I found Ancient Ireland Tourism and were set in contact with Ted who listened to our ideas, then set up a proposed itinerary with options and B&B choices. Once we chose our options he finalized an itinerary, complete with built-in links, confirmed reservations and set up a custom Google map that guided us flawlessly through our 950 mile excursion beginning at Shannon/Ennis into the Connemara region, to the West coast line up to the N. West, into Donegal in the far North, and finally ending in Belfast in N. Ireland. A tremendous journey all customized by Ted at Ancient Ireland Tourism. And very cost effectively as well. I highly recommend their service.

Russ S

Why Book Your Private Ireland Tour With Us?

Perfect Ireland Tour for Any Size of Group

Your group can be accommodated regardless of size. We can arrange for groups ranging from couples, small private groups, families with children, corporate events, and all the way to larger groups. filling a full-sized coach.

Regardless of group size, you will enjoy and benefit from the personalized attention you receive from an expert guide who is full of interesting facts about Ireland, its culture and history. When you return home, you will be able to tell your friends and family more about Irish culture than anyone you know!

Visiting Dublin by cruise ship?  A private itinerary is a great option for a fully customized shore excursion.

Ireland's Private Local Guide and Driver

You’re on vacation, and you don’t want to spend any part of your holiday feeling lost or trying to find the right directions or be blindsided by the unexpected ending up at some dead-end location with nothing to do for the afternoon. Instead, sit back and relax!

You take all of the stress out of driving around on winding back roads in a new country by letting our professional Irish guides do it for you.  You still see the main attractions away from the crowds as your guide will advise the best times to visit.   Plus, you will experience many hidden gems along your journey.

What better way to get off the beaten path and interact and meet with friendly locals?

Enjoy The Hidden Gems Of Ireland

Why miss out on many of Ireland's hidden gems?  There are thousands of places in Ireland that are stunningly beautiful, intellectually stimulating, full of rich history, and loads of Irish culture for you to explore; Your guide is looking forward to sharing with you!

You will be sure to get local, and see more than enough of the real Ireland, creating memories to last you an entire lifetime. (Although you just might depart wanting to return again and again.)

Ready to create your Irish experience of a lifetime?