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Escape the ordinary and unwind in the emerald embrace of Ireland's heartlands. With these private tours, discover ancient tombs older than the pyramids, where whispers of history echo through the stones. Feel the wind dance on rugged cliffs, taste the magic of a cozy pub crackling with life, and let traditional music weave its spell.

Travel at your own pace, in the comfort of your private sedan, with a passionate guide by your side. Craft your dream itinerary, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems, or choose one of our curated experiences tailored to your interests. We'll weave a tapestry of unforgettable memories, just for you.

Don't wait – book your Irish adventure today and let the magic begin!

Newgrange and Hill of Tara

Pics from Ireland Tours Newgrange

Step back in time to Ireland's heart where secrets whisper from ancient stones.

Unravel the mysteries of Newgrange, a 5,000-year-old passage tomb older than Stonehenge, and feel the sun illuminate its passage on the Winter Solstice. Imagine rituals under its earthen dome, whispered stories echoing through the ages.

Climb the hallowed Hill of Tara, where High Kings once ruled and Celtic legends bloomed. Touch the weathered earthworks, hear whispers of forgotten battles, and stand where power once echoed across the emerald isle.

This immersive 6-hour private tour from Dublin isn't just a history lesson, it's a journey into Ireland's soul. Let a passionate guide ignite your imagination and transport you to a time when magic hung in the air.

Book your adventure today and awaken the ancient spirit within.

Embrace Irish Majesty: Cliffs of Moher & Doolin's Enchanting Charm

Cliffs of Moher Ireland Cliffs Luxury Cliffs of Moher Private Day Tour Ancient Ireland Tourism

Where wind whispers secrets to the sea, and emerald cliffs reach for the sky, lies the magic of the Cliffs of Moher. Feel the ocean spray on your face, gaze at the endless horizon, and lose yourself in the rugged beauty. Your private driver whisks you away at your pace, crafting a day as unique as you are.

After conquering the cliffs, dive into the charm of Doolin. Quaint pubs pulse with the soul of Ireland. Taste locally brewed ales, savor hearty fare, and let lively jigs wash over you as impromptu music fills the air. Immerse yourself in local folklore, stories woven into every stone and melody.

Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. Book your Cliffs of Moher & Doolin adventure today!

Glendalough, Wicklow and Powerscourt

Ireland Private Day Tours

Immerse yourself in Ireland's Enchantment: Explore Glendalough and Powerscourt Estate on a Private Tour

Step back in time and embrace the magic of Ireland with a private tour to two of its most captivating destinations: the mystical Glendalough and the majestic Powerscourt Estate.

Glendalough: Nestled in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough is a scenic valley that whispers tales of ancient Ireland. Founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin, this monastic settlement was a haven of learning and spirituality for centuries. Explore the ruins of the Round Tower, the charming St. Kevin's Church, and the intricate Celtic crosses that stand sentinel to the past.

Feel the spirit of the monks as you wander through the verdant meadows and listen to the gurgling streams. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and soak in the breathtaking views that inspired countless poets and artists. Glendalough is more than just a historical site; it's a place of profound peace and natural beauty.

Powerscourt Estate: Prepare to be dazzled by the grandeur of Powerscourt Estate. This 18th-century mansion, meticulously restored and preserved, is a testament to Ireland's architectural heritage. Wander through the opulent state rooms, marvel at the intricate plasterwork ceilings, and lose yourself in the vibrant tapestries that adorn the walls.

Step outside and be captivated by the immaculately landscaped gardens. Explore the Italian Garden, a sun-drenched haven of marble statues and fragrant flowers. Stroll through the Japanese Garden, a tranquil oasis with koi ponds and cascading waterfalls. Hike to the top of Waterfall Hill and be rewarded with panoramic views of the Wicklow Mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Powerscourt Estate is more than just a beautiful property; it's a living testament to Ireland's love for nature and art.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Book your private tour to Glendalough and Powerscourt Estate today and discover the magic that awaits in the heart of Ireland.

Your Ireland Awaits: Why Choose a Private Tour?

Ditch the crowds, ditch the fixed schedules, and ditch the stress. Dive into the true magic of Ireland with a private tour designed just for you. Here's why you'll love ditching the group tour and taking the road less traveled:

1. Unwind and Reconnect: Leave the driving to us and relax in comfort as you explore with your own private group. No worrying about parking, schedules, or fitting in with strangers – just pure Irish bliss.

2. Set Your Own Pace: This is your adventure, your way. Linger longer at the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, wander at your own rhythm through charming villages, or delve deeper into fascinating historical sites. No rushing, just pure immersion.

3. Your Storyteller Guide: Get to know Ireland through the eyes of a local expert. Your knowledgeable guide will be your personal ambassador, sharing captivating stories, hidden gems, and insider tips that bring the Emerald Isle to life.

4. Beyond the Tourist Trail: Forget crowded souvenir shops and predictable stops. Your private tour lets you uncover secret waterfalls, discover local pubs buzzing with craic (Gaelic for good times!), and stumble upon hidden treasures known only to those in the know.

5. Connect with the Culture: Immerse yourself in the warmth and spirit of the Irish people. Chat with friendly locals, sample traditional brews in cozy pubs, and learn about their rich history and vibrant traditions.

6. Flex Your Itinerary: Forget rigid schedules! Customize your tour to suit your interests. Dive into history at medieval castles, hike through breathtaking landscapes, or indulge in culinary delights from farm-to-table feasts to fresh seafood by the coast. It's your journey, your call.

Private Ireland Tour Guide

So, are you ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary?

Book a private tour of Ireland and experience the Emerald Isle like never before. Get ready for stories that will fill your heart, landscapes that will take your breath away, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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You Wont Find a Better Tour


Our recent trip was a phenomenal success. The pre-trip process was very easy. Because we had enough to fill the entire bus, Ted worked very closely with us to help design a custom tour, and it went off without a single issue. That's impressive. Once in Ireland we were guided by Larry. He's an Irishman's Irishman. He's got the knowledge, personality, sense of humor and driving skills that makes him the best driver we could have asked for. I promise if you use Ancient Ireland Tourism, you will have a great trip.


An Excellent Trip for a Family Group of 10


I was part of a group of ten family members most of whom were visiting Ireland for the first time. We worked with Ted to put together the tour itinerary. Right from the beginning we benefitted from using this tour group due to the tour guide’s knowledge and experience. We flew in to Dublin, grabbed our luggage and made it through customs very quickly. Ted and Larry were there to greet us at the airport and because we were ahead of schedule they added a visit to Fourknocks on the way to our scheduled destination (Newgrange). Numerous times throughout our 9 days of touring we added points of interest that were not on our itinerary and were able to make changes on the fly due to timing and weather conditions. Both our guides were knowledgeable and personable. They gave us a lot of flexibility to meet with family members and visit family related locations throughout the trip. By the end of the tour it felt like both Ted and Larry were a part of the family. I would highly recommend the Ancient Ireland Tourism experience!


Cannot Recommend Highly Enough


If you are the type of traveler who wants more than a tour-bus, drinking-fest, dash-around kind of experience, then USE THIS COMPANY. They are fantastic. Our guide was Larry, who is not only great at his job of knowing Ireland inside and out and driving you where you need to go, but he is also a brilliant man who knows his history with a wicked sense of humor and a kind heart. He felt like a dear friend within a day of knowing him. We left a lot of our activities up to his discretion and he never failed to deliver us to the right places. (If you love history, do not miss Uisneach and the expert Justin.) Ted was our initial contact and he was extremely responsive to all questions and the details of our booking. I cannot emphasize how happy we were with our experience with this company. But, please, if you are sort of fussy, demanding people who want things to be exactly the way you planned them and will blame the tour guide for anything that isn't as you imagined, then maybe look elsewhere because I cannot stand to think of wonderful Lar having to endure that! I sort of wish I could keep them a secret for the fun and special people! Thank you so very much, Larry and Ted. We are forever grateful for our time with you and beautiful Ireland.

Lorena L

A Wonderful Experience


We had several wonderful and memorable experiences during our stay in Ireland, one of them being our day spent with Larry. He was friendly and pleasant which made the day very enjoyable. Larry was well educated on the history of Ireland, along with taking us to several places we most likely would never have found. My husband was able to relax without driving and able to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Isle. Our experience with Ancient Ireland Tourism was outstanding! Ted was also very efficient with the booking and communicating via email. We would highly recommend them to anyone visiting Ireland!


Life changing. Do it!


We rented a car and enjoyed Ireland on our own but wanted to have a personal tour with a local guide to take us places we didn't know about and get more local flavor. Ted set us up with Larry and it was honestly one of the best days not only of this trip but all of our trips through the years. Yes, it's more expensive than other tours but you pay a lot to get to Ireland, you buy hiking shoes, jackets, etc. so just go ahead and make your visit fantastic. Visiting Loughcrew was unbelievable. Life changing. Do it.

Kathleen M

Much more than we paid for!


After ending our 10 day Ireland tour in Dublin, we were looking for some extra things to do since we had an extra 2 days before our flights home. Our family of four booked a private tour with Ancient Ireland Tourism and selected their “Ancient Gods and High Kings” itinerary. What an amazing day we had! We never realized there was so much to see just a short drive west of Dublin. Our guide Lar, picked us up early from our hotel and we made quite a full day of it returning late. We explored the ruins at Fore Abbey, went to see what Lar told us is the last de profundis stone left in Ireland, had a wonderful lunch in Castlepollard where Lar then took us to Lough Deravarragh and told us of the legend of the children or Lir. By far, our favorite was the Cairns at Loughcrew. We had toured Newgrange previously and would describe Loughcrew as every bit as magnificent except without the crowds and reconstruction. We had the entire site to ourselves that day to explore. We learned that similar to Newgrange, the sun also enters and travels down the chamber at Loughcrew, although here it happens on the equinoxes instead of the winter solstice. While at first, we thought a private guide would be expensive but we felt we got much more than we paid for and don’t regret booking this memorable experience.

Stefanie J

Family Trip to Ireland


Our family went on a 10-day tour of Ireland with Ancient Ireland Tourism. There were 10 of us on this trip. We had an amazing guide, Larry Murphy! All agreed that this was the best vacation we have ever had! I would highly recommend Ancient Ireland Tourism! They took care of our every need and made our trip fun and enjoyable. Every aspect of our trip was managed by AIT. They were very flexible with what we wanted to do/see and they made our trip one we will never forget!


A tremendous journey all customized


My wife and I had a group tour for 8 days. We wanted to continue on our own after the group concluded and didn't have a clue where to begin. I found Ancient Ireland Tourism and were set in contact with Ted who listened to our ideas, then set up a proposed itinerary with options and B&B choices. Once we chose our options he finalized an itinerary, complete with built-in links, confirmed reservations and set up a custom Google map that guided us flawlessly through our 950 mile excursion beginning at Shannon/Ennis into the Connemara region, to the West coast line up to the N. West, into Donegal in the far North, and finally ending in Belfast in N. Ireland. A tremendous journey all customized by Ted at Ancient Ireland Tourism. And very cost effectively as well. I highly recommend their service.

Russ S