Beyond the Folk Park: Uncover Omagh and the Heart of Tyrone

The Ulster American Folk Park, located just outside Omagh, County Tyrone, is a cherished destination in Northern Ireland. Its immersive exhibits transport visitors back in time, showcasing life in rural Ulster and the captivating journey of emigrants forging new lives across the Atlantic. However, there's so much more to discover in and around Omagh and the wider Tyrone landscape – let's embark on an adventure!

The Ulster American Folk Park – An Immersive Journey

The beauty of the Ulster American Folk Park lies in its ability to make history tangible. Strolling through the recreated Ulster village streets, you'll encounter thatched cottages, bustling shops, and costumed guides bringing the past to life. The journey continues as you step aboard an emigrant ship and explore the recreated American frontier town, highlighting the dreams and challenges of these intrepid travelers. Don't forget to catch the special events the park often hosts, from traditional crafts demonstrations to lively seasonal festivals.

Uncover Omagh and the Heart of Tyrone

Courtesy Tourism Northern Ireland

Omagh Delights

After your journey through time, step into Omagh's charming present. Seek out cozy pubs like Dempsey's where the sound of traditional Irish music fills the air, and a warm welcome awaits. Fuel your adventures with a hearty Ulster fry at a local café like the Culmore Diner. For a deeper delve into history, visit the ancient Hill of the O'Neill, the seat of powerful Gaelic chieftains, or lose yourself among the tranquil beauty of the Gortin Glen Forest Park. Omagh also boasts a fantastic selection of independent boutiques and craft markets, ensuring you'll find unique souvenirs that are far from ordinary.

Exploring Wider Tyrone

With the Ulster American Folk Park as your base, Tyrone's wonders unfold. Take a breathtaking scenic drive through the Sperrin Mountains, where rolling hills and dramatic landscapes will leave you in awe. Outdoor enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, or fishing across the county's unspoiled terrain. Don't miss the hidden gems scattered throughout Tyrone – quaint villages bursting with character, inviting tearooms serving up homemade treats, and artisan workshops where traditional crafts are kept alive.

Beyond the Folk Park Uncover Omagh and the Heart of Tyrone

Sculptures created by Artist Thomas Dambo. Courtesy of Mid Ulster District Council, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and Derry City and Strabane District Council.

The Ulster American Folk Park is undoubtedly a star attraction, but it's the gateway to a wider Tyrone experience filled with unexpected discoveries. From Omagh's friendly heart to the county's diverse offerings, this corner of Northern Ireland will surprise and delight you. Are you ready to explore Omagh and Tyrone's hidden gems?

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