Michael Dames, in his epic tome “Mythic Ireland“, shares quite a bit about Lough Gur. The lake is closely associated with the sun goddess Áine who is said to make the waters sparkle by opening the skies to their widest over Lough Gur. The ancient story tellers also had much to say about the area and caution is advised, particularly from the faerie folk. There is even an entrance to a cave rumored to be the entrance to the land of Tír na nÓg. (The entrance is along the path leading to Bourchier’s Castle although not posted.)

On the road approaching the entrance to the site, we come across an ancient wedge tomb on the right. Be sure to stop as there is powerful energy here.

Enchanted Lough Gur

The tomb is also known as the Giant’s Grave or Bed of Dermot and Graney. Call me superstitious, as I felt strongly that I had to stay most respectful when visiting here so as not to disturb the goddess and the bansíde of the underworld. Use a little imagination to imagine young lovers here in ancient times mimicking the union of Dermot and Áine’s alter ego Gráinne.

Arriving at the visitor centre, we enjoy a nice walk along the shore as there are a few sights well marked. From the path we can see an old lime kiln from the area’s agricultural days.

The visitor centre is nicely done and the staff give an excellent overview and presentation of the exhibits which are primarily archaeological vs. mythological.  One area along the walk which many find interesting is the fairy village.

After stopping by the visitor centre, we take the path the other way along the lake shore from the car park and in about 40 meters you can get a view of Bourchier’s Castle on your left. Shortly beyond is Bolin island which is the remains of a man made island, once inhabited. Our path eventually ends at a gate which marks the boundary with private property leaving no other choice but to head back to the car park. The scenery and atmosphere at the end of the path though are quite serene and worth lingering a while before heading back.

About a 2 minute drive or a 10 minute walk back up the road from the car park we find the stone circles of Carraig Aille.  The two circles are an interesting visit and also offer a higher view looking back at Lough Gur.

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Enchanted Lough Gur is one of our favorite tour stops and we visit here with most of our departures as well as private charters.  Why not join us in May each year for our annual Bealtaine week tour or arrange one of our private charter or self-drive packages?

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