1. On the first day of Donegal, Sliabh Liag did appear, drinking in the panoramas, breathtaking and clear! Soak in the majesty of Europe's highest sea cliffs, where eagles soar and legends whisper on the wind.

What to See Near Donegal

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2. On the second day of Donegal, Grianán of Aileach arose, stirring ancient echoes, dispelling winter's woes. Climb this mystical hilltop fortress, feel the weight of history, and let your imagination run wild with tales of Celtic kings and queens.

Donegal Grianan of Ail Each

3. On the third day of Donegal, Bundoran waves did boom, surfing souls rejoice, conquer watery gloom! Catch the perfect curl, shred the Atlantic foam, and unleash your inner wave warrior in this surfer's paradise.

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4. On the fourth day of Donegal, Malin Head stood tall, Ireland's tip-toe, where wild winds enthrall. Feel the earth tilt beneath your feet at Ireland's most northerly point, where the Atlantic meets the Arctic in a symphony of spray and seabirds' cries.

Donegal Ireland's Forgotten Corner

5. On the fifth day of Donegal, Fanad Head did gleam, Portsalon's pedalo playground, a sun-kissed dream. Paddle your way to paradise on a vibrant yellow chariot, soak up the coastal calm, and let the Donegal breeze tousle your hair.

off the Beaten Path in Donegal

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6. On the sixth day of Donegal, Waterbus took to sea, cruising emerald waters, carefree and glee. Glide across the shimmering expanse of Donegal Bay, spotting seals on rocky outcrops and basking in the beauty of this island gem.

7. On the seventh day of Donegal, rods and reels did sing, angling adventures, where every cast takes wing. Reel in a feisty salmon, tempt a cunning trout, or maybe even wrestle a playful shark (okay, maybe not, but the dream lives on!).

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8. On the eighth day of Donegal, green fairways did unfold, world-class courses beckon, stories to be told. Swing your clubs amidst rolling hills and dramatic cliffs, feeling the invigorating touch of the Irish outdoors on world-renowned golfing greens.

9. On the ninth day of Donegal, Errigal's peak did call, conquering the mountain, standing proud and tall. Challenge yourself on the ascent of Mount Errigal, Donegal's highest point, and savor the panoramic victory at the summit.

Errigal Ireland

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10. On the tenth day of Donegal, Glenveagh's secrets hide, golden eagles soaring, where nature does confide. Trek through the enchanted landscapes of Glenveagh National Park, keeping your eyes peeled for majestic golden eagles and the elusive red deer.

11. On the eleventh day of Donegal, O'Donnell's music soared, celebrating a legend, his voice forever adored. Step into the life and music of Donegal's beloved son, Daniel O'Donnell, at his dedicated visitor center, and let his melodies warm your soul.

12. On the twelfth day of Donegal, Glencolmcille's stories bloom, whispers of the past, in every thatched-roof room. Travel back in time at the Glencolmcille Folk Village Museum, where centuries-old cottages whisper tales of rural life, culture, and tradition.

What to See Near Donegal