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Uragh Stone Circle and Lake of Gleninchaquin

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The Beara peninsula in Counties Kerry and Cork in Ireland is a path less traveled by the tour buses and not often found in the guidebooks. Smaller vehicles can make this trip easily and we found the drive to be a worthwhile excursion and despite some of the very narrow roads, a peaceful respite from the crowded and touristy Ring of Kerry and Dingle peninsulas.

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Upon entering the Ring of Beara past the town of Kenmare, one of the first stops and a must see is the Uragh Stone Circle. The site is marked by a brown sign and is approximately 12-13 kilometers from Kenmare. Follow the narrow, one lane road up to a parking area to access the site.

The Uragh Stone circle is a short walk up an accessible gravel path.  At some times in the year a magnificent waterfall can be seen in the background. Spend some time around the stone circle as Uragh is one of the many thin places in Ireland which some believe are portals to the Otherworld. Many visitors who have meditated inside the stones for a while have told us they felt the presence of very ancient spirits.

While there is no pathway, it is possible to go down to the Lake of Gleninchaquin and there on the rocks by the shore, is is worth sitting awhile and meditating as well. Here too some can feel the presence of ancient spirits in the lake, perhaps those of the Dananns, the spiritual ancestors to the Celts were.

On one visit, when departing, we encountered the elderly gentleman trimming high grass along the path with shears and could not help but wonder if he too was an ancient spirit who was there to look after the sacred place?

Back near the parking area to the Uragh Stone Circle, there is a picnic table by a relaxing running stream, so this is also a great place to sit, enjoy the fresh air and serenity and have lunch or a snack. 

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